Whenever I see pictures with these two, I get the feels…


Whenever I see pictures with these two, I get the feels…

M!A: ReShinji is now the puppy to Mangashinji’s kitty!




*Slowly pokes his little kitten head out from around a corner.* “Auau?”

The puppy turns about, and trots over to the kitty, sniffing him curiously.
  With a chuff, he licks the kitty, tail wagging happily.

“Uauuau?” Kitty cat slowly inches closer, head sniffing, and bobbing around in an attempt to find why the canine seems so familiar.

Furball is hard at work, examining the odd scent traces of it’s brother when pooch waddles over and runs it’s fat, slobbery doggy tongue against kitty ear tufts.

“Uwuu…Urrr” S-Stupid dog…


In the end of Anima, an Evangelion spin-off that features all sorts of interesting things such as Dark Kaworu (the one who hates Lilin and music), after giving Shinji part of his soul, or “rib”, Kaworu and Shinji “merge” and battle against Black Adam, saving the day. 

As people have pointed out before, there are a lot of concepts used in Anima worth noting because they could have potentially influenced Rebuild. In particular, I think the last few pages should be considered more carefully by the fanbase as the splitting of Adam, timeloops, and even Eve are mentioned. 

These two specific excerpts of Kaworu’s final conversation with Shinji are particularly interesting: 


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Excerpt 1

The shape of Shinji

<It’s in Lilin fairy tales as well, isn’t it? Since Lilith was uncontrollable and Eve was completely duped in the story of the snake, why didn’t it also happen to Adam, who was on the other side?>

—What are you talking about, Kaworu-kun?

<Just a fairy tale. One that might hide the truth unexpectedly within it…about what Adam cut off.>

 —Cut what off?

 <The serpent—that is, the evil and sin that is part of Adam. In an attempt to be whole, Adam had cut off the part of himself that was the most human.>

—For what?

<To meet the being that gave him Lilith—he did it with the best of intentions, but it ended up costing his right to do so.>

—To meet…? Who?

<Light… fills.>

Excerpt 2

Deep inside the mouth opened by Devil’s backbone, he thought he saw his own face, terribly distorted.

—Could it be that I’m the serpent—the human flaw that was cut off from Adam, Kaworu-kun?

<That’s not for you to know as the “you” you are now.> Those concrete words were the first time he heard him not speak in riddles. 

<You intend on descending from this time loop as the Shinji-kun you are now, don’t you? Then you should give the right to have that information to the “you” of the new world.>

—You…aren’t going to stop me, are you?

<Haven’t I told you, Shinji-kun? I’m your ally. No matter which one of “you” I meet.>


<This is goodbye.> Shinji thought Kaworu might have smiled.

Shinji’s blade glinted, slicing up the body of the Armaros giant from the left arm of its body.

(huge thanks goes to chelseazero for helping me translate this)

For a spin-off people tend overlooking, some pretty interesting stuff is going on in the ending. However, the final volume of Anima hasn’t been fully scanned yet, and many of the bits that have been scanned don’t include the full text. 

M!A: ReShinji is now the puppy to Mangashinji’s kitty!



"Eh? What do you—"






*Slowly pokes his little kitten head out from around a corner.* “Auau?”

[あやしい肉屋] Kittens and Dance - doujinshi



Title: こねことダンス (Kittens and Dance)

Circle:  あやしい肉屋 [pixiv]

Rating: General

Scanlation+Cleaning: gayngel (that me)

Summary: Kawonyan and Shinyan have a little playdate. Also features kittens Ayanyami and Nyasuka. Sequel to this.

Warnings: None! Pure fluff (literally)

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i just learned that british photographer harry pointer made a lot of captioned photographs of cats in various situations in the late 19th century



look at this

the lolcat is over a century old

all hail The First Meme
“Mya, Mya, Mya Gurrr” A certain little cat which has clearly gained much weight during your last absence, struggles to squeeze its now chubby body and a stolen stuffed cat through its door.




Delicately he helps pull the unfamiliar stuffed toy through the pet door. A pause then as he finally gets a good gander at the not-so-little cat. Unexpected, but this will hopefully be easier dealt with than the opposite issue.

"Shinji-kun…. I see someone needs a bit more exercise," he says and goes for the crinkle ball.

“Urr.. Mya-Mya-“ The round furball lets you squeeze out his prize without any complaints. Getting past this oddly shrunken kitty gate comes first. Stuffed toy cuddling can wait.
“Mya-Mya-Myah-Mya-Myaaaah~” Squezing and yet more squeezing against the door sized for a little kitten followed by a soft pop as the round kitten finally slips in.
image “Mura~Mua~Muaaah” free at last! The kitty chirps and innocently trots about as it cutely asks for more food.

A pale brow is merely raised as the not-so-little cat finally pops through. He carefully sets aside the newly acquired stuffed toy and brings out a handful of treats…


… which are then placed into the special cat treat exercise ball. Someone is going to have to work for their meal.

"Mya!" Food! Furball bobs around in excitement, latching its little kittypaws on angel trousers and promptly lunging on the treat filled container once it’s set down.


Stupid treat ball is sure to spill out all sorts of tasty… Treats?


"Mya?" *Bats a few more times at the strange, stingy treat ball.*


"Nyaaau" An aggravated meow goes out as furball turns away from the stupid, stingy treat ball and yowls out for his ill gotten plush cat.

"Murra~Muaah~Ah-A-Ahu~" Certain little pest sing-songs as it skipps by, ill-gotten red plugsuit and cat hat in tow.



Stubborn little kitty teeth clench down on a sleeve, desperate to keep hold on the prized masterpiece. All the shoving, evil looks and mean words the big stupid red human throw only serve to strengthen the kitty’s resolve.


“Agagau gau agaugaugau!” Nya’s suit not yours! Nya’s suit and nya’s since before they had this form!

It’s a rag that’s fallen victim of shoddy needlework and even crappier materials, and their struggle isn’t getting it fixed any faster.  “How the hell do you expect me to understand that?” Oscar snaps, yanking the suit back his way.  “It isn’t yours.”  He glances around for a distraction guaranteed to grab a cat’s attention.  Oscar considers an oven mitt, egg timer, and an empty can of tuna before the sewing basket by the vase calls his name.  Using his toe, he pulls the end of thread sticking out from under the lid.  “Hey, cat.  Look.”

The sudden whiplash from the suit  nearly breaks the kitten’s hold as the pest just barely manages to cling on after being dragged through four feet of carpet.


"Urrr…uwuuuu…"  Mean human isn’t getting their hard work… Stupid mean red human always hits and yells at nya and…


Shinhog grabs the foot of the plugsuit.  “Where did you get this?”

“Hey, cat.  Look.”


String? “Nya?” *Momentarily releases kitty grip on the suit to stare at the moving, brightly colored bit of twine.*